Later May Posting

IMG_3322Screen Shot 2015-06-23 at 10.43.17 AMAfter Mashrou’ Leila’s April tour and Sound of Music, we ended April with a DJ gig with Poliakov.
I’m not particulary a fan of DJs and electronic music, but James Zabiela was a bit different I guess. He creates everything on the spot, and seeing him play was like watching a kid plays with his legos and games. His energy was superb, and he was adorable with the public, taking the time to go around and take pictures with almost everyone.
Working as a freelancer in Beirut, you get a little time off from time to time. May was pleasant and slow, after a rush of two months, with gigs back to back and so little sleep. Took part in a charity event, a rallye paper with my former university ALBA, followed up on my music lessons before going back to small work.
May started with an event done in memory of Melanie, a young “sister” we all lost in February. She was an outstanding athlete and music was a big part of her life, so her friends put together a rugby tournament in her name and ended it with a concert with Loopstache, Adonis and the Coolcumbers, who in my opinion aren’t known enough. Melow, you were missed.

The road called again at the end of May, and I joined Mashrou’ Leila on a small tour again: Montpelier was quiet and cozy; the concert at Festival Arabesques was not as quiet though. We then boarded for the World Village Festival in Helsinki, Finland. We were surprised by how calm the city and the people were there. The biggest surprise was watching the crowd gather from all over the festival area and reaching around 10,000 people dancing to Leila’s tunes, pulling out their umbrellas and jumping under the rain to the same rhythm as Hamed. We sold out the CDs there. Helsinki was an awesome surprise!

IMG_4412 (1) IMG_4420 (1) IMG_4261 (1)

Paris was kind of like a pit stop in that small tour. We all know this city well and have family and friends all around, it didn’t seem like a hassle. The Institut des Cultures Islam is a small venue, it sold out fast to 180 people. The concert felt like a private jam session with friends. The tour ended with Bern in Switzerland, playing at Bee-flat Turnhalle. We didn’t have much time there, but we made an effort to finish soundcheck fast and walk around. I personally liked it. Clean and tidy city with an awesome view after the town’s square.

IMG_4360The concert was pretty fun there, especially after we were treated to an awesome dinner backstage with the crew, and a race between Firas and Bob to see who would hit Snapchat first. I was reminded of my mom asking me what facebook was when I had to explain to the guys what Snaps were and how it worked.
Between the gigs, hotels, quick meals on trains and planes, Firas and Carl playing on my Trivia Crack, I value the time I spend with these guys and having this job that allows to see much more than you expect.
Went back to Beirut, leaving the band to record their fourth album, which by the way, will blow your mind.

Oh, and my brother graduated from Med School.


Let the ’14 Begin!

Fresh start of the year, work kicks in on the second month for an artist, when everyone is busy planning and calculating on January. So I got a few calls on the last days of Jan.

Got a call from two women opening a gym in Achrafieh, I called up on some backup from my buddy Wissam Eid. We’ll be doing doodles all over the gym, on the ceiling to be exact. Let’s say our arms might die of exhaustion.
On the other hand, I’ve been called up by Absolut to help out on the launching event of the re-branding (or some sort). I’ll be taking care of a part of the music side on that gathering. Got some of the bands I work with on that, they’re perfect for the job.
Also in the music “folder” of my life, I’ve been working closely with Loopstache. They got some exciting stuff coming up, make sure you sign up on their website for upcoming gigs and news!

My two projects are still on the go, it’s stressful and exciting to work on something you always wanted to do, but never know if you’ll actually succeed. It’s big challenge, this time of life. Especially in a chaotic unstable country as Lebanon.

MUSIC 4 A CAUSE – 12 Hours of Music

The two last days have been hectic. The whole week was too.
Running around to suppliers, getting the goods ready, setting up the equipment and sound system, sound checking the bands, hitting the streets with a last marketing push…


Thank you to everyone who helped, showed up and supported.
Thank you to Imad who was putting on some fine tunes between each band, keeping the crowd chilling at The Gärten.

1397582_635654189808084_1672194983_o 1273281_636855656354604_1824611535_o

Thank you Joy Fayad, Postcards, Chris & Abe, Slow Train, Loopstache, Phil, Ronin & Nesta, Madjam and Romax for bringing your lovely music to our wonderful crowd.


Thank you generous bartenders and staff for donating your time to our cause.
And most of all, thank you the 4 a Cause crew for doing this with me and believing all the way, and for helping out Ibtissama!

You can check out pictures of the event on this album.

We made it, around 800 people were there between 5pm and 5am. Music reunited us once again for a greater cause.
We’ll bring you the next one soon. Stay tuned on our 4 a cause page for upcoming events, and show your support.